Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello! I thought you all should know that I have now been promoted to the position of Personal Shopper at Macy's. I think it is going to be a lot of fun! Today was my first day. My manager is from NYC and went to Pratt (where I almost went) and she was a designer for years so I know that I am going to like the way she thinks. She also met her husband on the Internet . . . so we have that in common. What is great about my new job is that I get to create my own schedule . . . so Christmas in Missouri is much more of a possibility than it ever was before.
Kyle had an interview, correction, second interview today at godaddy.com, which we are pretty excited about. . . no more of this "top secret" stuff, finally Kyle will have the freedom to talk with me about code. . .
The new car is very nice. I actually drive it much more conservatively than I ever drove the Taurus - probably because it's red and I feel like I would be more prone to be pulled over in it. Though. . . I've never had to honk at as many people before as I have had to do in this car - no one seems to see me and people are always cutting me off and turning into my lane - it's very frustrating. One cool thing about it is that when you open the door it rolls the window down and then rolls it up again once you shut the door. . . which makes the car really quiet on the inside. So quiet that I never hear emergency vechicles.
I got a dress form! Finally! I am so excited. It is a Wolf form from 1960, said to have been used for the costuming of an Alford Hitchcock film, and is in really nice condition! Right now it is buried in a size 10 body suit that I made for it. The purpose of the body suit is to drape a dress out of some curtains that a lady at work gave me. I wish I was as much of a design genius a Bob Mackie, so that I could create something like this. . .
Alas. . . Some day, perhaps.

The volunteer watermelon has been thriving since I last wrote. It is taking over our huge side yard. It has a lot of blooms on it and several very small watermelons. The one below is the biggest I've found.

We have a resident praying mantus living in our dying Momosa. . . I hope it is praying that the tree will come back to life.

That's All.


jw said...

Congratulations on the new job. How exactly does it work?

Now that you have a dress form, are you going to make that one dress you designed a while back?

What's with the bicycle with toilet paper on it?

Caitlyn & Kyle said...

The way I would describe the job is that I am a stylist for Macy's now. I get clients and shop for them before they come into the store, put looks together, tell them if what they are wearing looks bad. . .
I do hope to finish that dress I started a while back. . . it was in the process already and was actually only hindered by the fact that I don't have the right table to make it on (really need a cork table) and that I didn't have the fabric. I have the fabric now and our friend is building me a table!
The bicycle with the toilet paper on it was my favorite site when I was backpacking europe with my friend Jacquie. . . someone had TP'd it and it really made me laugh. haha. . . and it symbolizes the journey that Kyle and I are on.
I don't know if you talked to Kyle, but we are pretty sure he got the job.

angi said...

You better be in Missouri for Christmas, that's all I have to say.