Monday, February 21, 2011

Identity Crisis

Cute, right? Dockers. Wait, woah, what? That's what I thought anyway when I saw this cute line of Dockers for little guys, that were shown at the Platform show in Las Vegas. Here's my question though, if these were shown last August for this Spring, why can't I find them anywhere! They are adorable. I especially love the pair with the shoe laces screen printed onto them.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dreaming of Narnia

This post is inspired by my friend April over at A Kitchen Table for Two. She asked the question, "Do you have a place you dream of living?" Yes, yes I do. That place is Narnia. There are so many wonderful places to go in Narnia. If you ever find yourself tethering on the edge of a picture frame and the spray of the sea is hitting your face, I encourage you to hold your breath, kick your shoes off and jump right on in! After a moment or two in the water you'll likely find yourself being pulled upon a lovely boat by a young prince or handsome boat captain. You'll be at sea for awhile on this:
Eventually you'll spot land and go ashore. Immediately you'll realize that kicking your shoes off was not the smartest decision you ever made, and you'll be wishing you were wearing these:
Your Manolo gladiator sandals.
You'll want to wear something breezy, I suggest something like this asymmetrical dress by All Saints:

Pair it with a cute scarf like this one from Marc:
Of course you'll also want to carry around a nice satchel, kind of like this one by Gucci:
Now, as for what you should carry with you, I've got that covered as well. I have a theory that the sun in Narnia isn't in the habit of burning people like our sun is, so you shouldn't need to take along sunblock. Now, this doesn't mean that the sun isn't bright, so you will need your some sunglasses. I personally like these ones by Dior:

The following product is good to have, but really hard to come by. It is also very expensive, but if you can find some, well then, you better take it along:
Just one drop will cure any ailment.
Now, I mentioned that the above product will cure any ailment, and indeed it will. Remember though that I also mentioned that it was extremely hard to come by and also pricey (you have to get it on the black market, unless Father Christmas gives it to you). So, say you have a stomach ache or a bit of sea sickness - I wouldn't waste a drop of this on that, instead, bring along some Ginger Chews, by the Ginger People:

I don't know what it is about Narnia, but I always get SO thirsty there! I love drinking rose water while I'm Narnia, it is so refreshing and sweet without being overbearing. The best comes from The Edge of the World, they bottle it locally right at the source!
Now, you may ask of Narnia and the surrounding countries, "is it safe?" to which I would say, "Safe! Course it isn't safe!" You should definitely bring along a bow. I really like this one, it makes a great "twang" sound when you release your arrow, plus, these arrows fly really straight:

As far as what to eat while you're there, I suggest tea cakes with lemon curd, you can get this at many of the local restaurants and inns.  My suggestion, however, is to stay away from The Witch. Yes, it's true, you can get almost anything there (including what I hear is the best lemon curd ever), but, there is a steep price to pay and you'll probably regret it later.
Now, there is ever so much more to traveling and living in Narnia. Stay tuned for more helpful suggestions. In the meantime, if you find yourself at a twilight dance party with some wood nymphs, I suggest the following pair of shoes to help you blend in. From McQueen:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project 24 of many. . .

Wool Floral Handbag
I love the whimsical floral look, especially on handbags. The problem with that look however, is that it is very fragile. I am not a fragile kind of gal, I need things that can stand the test of time. Enter wool, my favorite and most beloved fiber of all time. Wool is the perfect fabric for me. This handbag could get covered in mud and once the mud dried I could take a metal brush to this bag and it would still look awesome. I know this because at first I wanted to try to distress my fabric, so I took it outside and scrapped it along the concrete curb in front of my house. It did not have the effect that I wanted. It cleaned the cement instead and created a white powder on the fabric that simply brushed off.

I have no idea when I started this handbag. My guess is that it was sometime in September, perhaps October. Though, I don't have any pictures of it before November, so it could have been then as well. I have no idea how long it took, but,  I am so glad that I am finally done with it ! I really like how it turned out. I am actually going to use this handbag. It has sentimental value, I won the wool for it about 10 years ago at the Make It Yourself With Wool Contest.