Friday, May 28, 2010

If I had more than a mother's intuition (and $5) I'd put this lovely light fixture up in the baby's room as soon as I could get it.

Bi-Plane Down Lighting Pendant

Monday, May 17, 2010

Name Ideas?

Well, I finally finished (well, sort of) the baby bag that I started working on about a month ago. Unfortunately it's got a couple of problems, like the flap is a little larger than the bag in the middle, so the closures don't match up as perfectly as I would like (It's still completely functional, just frustrating for me). Also, in retrospect I should have done the bottom of the bag in the solid purple, because right now it looks like the vertical purple lines just end abruptly. In all actuality, I probably didn't have enough of the dark purple to do this. I have not finished the bag completely. . . I still need to make the strap (which, I might not have enough fabric for) and the changing pad (which zips up into that bottom compartment). I think I will probably put this up on Etsy in a few days and see if it sells. It was my mock up bag, so I guess I shouldn't be disappointed with how it turned out. . .

Goal for next bag is to source better zippers and closures, what is on this bag is not what I would consider good quality . . . I don't know if I even feel comfortable trying to sell it (zippers don't perform like they should and rivets in closure are too big, making it hard to twist them shut). It's really frustrating that everything else on this bag turned out and that some things had to go wrong :\ What do you think, should I try to sell it? And if so, what should I call it? I'm thinking an overall style name for this type of bag, so think beyond the purple scheme. Also the bag can be either a messenger, backpack or can strap onto a stroller.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wearable Art Show

Here are some pictures of the paper dress that I made for the wearable art fashion show at Collins College this past Thursday. Have no fear, I ended up finishing it hours before the show.