Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello! I thought you all should know that I have now been promoted to the position of Personal Shopper at Macy's. I think it is going to be a lot of fun! Today was my first day. My manager is from NYC and went to Pratt (where I almost went) and she was a designer for years so I know that I am going to like the way she thinks. She also met her husband on the Internet . . . so we have that in common. What is great about my new job is that I get to create my own schedule . . . so Christmas in Missouri is much more of a possibility than it ever was before.
Kyle had an interview, correction, second interview today at godaddy.com, which we are pretty excited about. . . no more of this "top secret" stuff, finally Kyle will have the freedom to talk with me about code. . .
The new car is very nice. I actually drive it much more conservatively than I ever drove the Taurus - probably because it's red and I feel like I would be more prone to be pulled over in it. Though. . . I've never had to honk at as many people before as I have had to do in this car - no one seems to see me and people are always cutting me off and turning into my lane - it's very frustrating. One cool thing about it is that when you open the door it rolls the window down and then rolls it up again once you shut the door. . . which makes the car really quiet on the inside. So quiet that I never hear emergency vechicles.
I got a dress form! Finally! I am so excited. It is a Wolf form from 1960, said to have been used for the costuming of an Alford Hitchcock film, and is in really nice condition! Right now it is buried in a size 10 body suit that I made for it. The purpose of the body suit is to drape a dress out of some curtains that a lady at work gave me. I wish I was as much of a design genius a Bob Mackie, so that I could create something like this. . .
Alas. . . Some day, perhaps.

The volunteer watermelon has been thriving since I last wrote. It is taking over our huge side yard. It has a lot of blooms on it and several very small watermelons. The one below is the biggest I've found.

We have a resident praying mantus living in our dying Momosa. . . I hope it is praying that the tree will come back to life.

That's All.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Car!!!

Alright, so this is Kyle. And here I am to present you with what will soon be our new car. After looking at it, we're getting it for well under bluebook value, so it's a pretty good deal. We'll post more pictures once we get the car (hopefully tomorrow). For those that don't know, our Taurus has been acting up. It has 206k miles on it, so it's ready to go. This is what it gets replaced with.

Projects 4/5 of many. . .

We put a new light up in the kitchen and got rid of the old florescent one. We also painted the rest of the kitchen the color you see on the left. We aren't sure if we like the color or not. It's called Dry Leaf. It looks good in the kitchen in most light, but it looks a little off when you are looking at it from the living room. . . the gold and . . . dry leaf kinda clash I am afraid. I don't think we are going to change it.

We rearranged the living room - it doesn't feel nearly as vacant as it did before. This layout was Kyle's idea and I think it works out lovely.

I think that I may have a volunteer watermelon plant. . . Though after the ran two days ago it's really grown like a weed. Three days ago this plant had 3 leaves and it was so small i didn't even want to tear it out. . . and now I might be glad that I didn't. Votes? Yay or Nay on the idea that it is a watermelon.

Project 3 of many. . .

I found a website called worth1000.com They have photoshop contests that you can enter. The rules for this admission were to mix art and dinosaurs. . . The weekend started. . . Kyle came home and I didn't get to finish (they give you 48 hours). But here is what I managed to get done one afternoon.

My idea came from Georgia O'Keefe's study on pelvic bones. Here are pictures I used. Everything that does not look like the original dinosaurs face is mapped from the bone.

You can go to the website and look at the entries if you want. They are under contests. Mine would have been one of the better ones I think. . . if I had not forgotten about it. And that is the beauty of not being in school anymore. If I don't finish a project it doesn't really matter.

Project 2 of Many. . . and more!

We painted the den. The color is called Chilled Wine - it was very hard to put up. If you look closely you can see that I still can't manage to keep paint off of the ceiling and that I still have not found quit the right color of paint for the ceiling. We also moved the TV out of the den which made it feel much more open.

Here is the Mexican Palm we planted on our anniversary. It is looking much better than it did for a while. In a few months it is suppose to open up - as the roots get more established.

An Arizona Tornado.

Actually it was a huge brush fire that burned for almost a week by our house. It rained ash and blocked out the sun. The picture with the fence is actually taken in the front yard. Note how it looks like we live inside some prison.