Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Project 36 of many. . .

The projects are few and far between these days. And while they still get accomplished, they seem small compared to the handbags and tables I used to churn out in a manner that now seems impossible. I still get a lot done, but in the words of my aunt I've had to learn to "sit on my hands" otherwise family and home suffers greatly. I don't make posts anymore about projects that I've accomplished around the house - sometimes a post gets put on facebook. Most of my "projects" these days have minds of their own anyway.

Well, today I am breaking the silence. . . with the 36th documented project.  Yesterday, I used four pieces of scotch tape to fix the mini blinds that I fell into in a half sleeping stupor and broke. I won't lie - it had been on my list of "to do's" for about a week and it made me feel quite accomplished.

Also, I really dislike mini blinds -- I might be able to write an entire essay on why they are one of the worst consumer products available.