Thursday, March 10, 2011


I once told Kyle that I loved weeding. I do love weeding (However, that did not mean that I wouldn't like help every once in a while.) I was weeding the front yard this morning, having tons of fun like I do. I had almost finished the yard when I looked up and saw the most gigantic weed of all. It was huge. It was dead. It made me think of this commercial I saw awhile back where a Ford or Ram truck backs up to this gigantic tree and pulls it out. The tree literally "pops" out of the ground. Wow, now that's power!

So, I looked at the weed or former bush if you will and thought, "Hey, I have a V8, I can do that. OOOOOOooo, and I also have some rope!"
So, I got the rope, wrapped it around the base of the dead plant, and hooked the other end to the back axle of my car. I took the baby inside (best idea I had all morning). Came outside, got in the car, turned the car on and slowly accelerated. Felt the rope go taunt and tighten around the base of the plant. Then. . .
The rope broke and busted my tail light cover. I think I need some chain. And a tractor. Or just a chain saw.