Monday, July 22, 2013

Project 35 of many...

Jonathan and Levi are moving into our old room, which means another mural had to be done. This time the summer sky. After designing this one, it was by far the easiest and least time consuming mural I have done, it took about 3 hours!
Amos 5:8 will be written on another wall, and in fact, already is, but it looks really bad and needs to be redone. I think any verse that begins with "woe" is good for a kids room.

Woe to you who turn justice to vinegar and stomp righteousness into the mud. 
Do you realize where you are? You're in a cosmos star-flung with constellations by God. 
A world God wakes up each morning and puts to bed each night. 
God dips water from the ocean and gives the land a drink.
God. God-revealed, does all this.
And He can destroy it as easily as make it. 
He can turn this vast wonder into total waste.