Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Resolution

To be more in this world but not of it. . .

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hilarious. . . all must read the below post

Hilarious. . .
Then read this guys comment:

Karl said...

C.S. Lewis and his friend Charles Williams once toyed with the idea of writing a book telling various Bible stories from the point of view of the animals mentioned in them.

For instance, with regard to this story they imagined two bears ambling through the woods having a philosophical debate about the existence and character of God. After the unexpected meal of the naughty boys, the bears would walk back into the woods together agreeing at last that yes, God does exist and yes, he is good.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas comes and goes way too quickly out here. I sit here, by myself, eating candy cane Joe Joes (the organic version of the Oreo) and deviled eggs, listening to Dolly Parton sing "Jolene" and two dogs fight over identical bones, thinking of several things:

1. Mom telling us that we would fight over a piece of poop if it was the only thing in the room.

2.If I were fighting over a piece of poop right now, that would mean that I was either with: Caleb, Anna, Aaron, Sam or Sarah . . . which would be much nicer than the cookies and deviled eggs I am having.

3. The job I have now is going to make every Christmas feel like this . . . feel like "not-Christmas."

4. I am never going to have a family again like I once did . . . unless we start having children (though. . . Alexis and Lucious really think they are people)

5. I can change the song playing on my computer without having to navigate to the itunes window. . .

Anyway, here are some pictures from Christmas. . . The battery was not charged in the camera and I couldn't keep Kyle from unwrapping things, so there aren't many. .

I decorated our house. . . there were snowflake lights over the garage. . . but only half of them like to shine. . . so i don't turn them on.

Our little Christmas tree . . . This way Alexis wouldn't eat it or pee on it.

My first attempt at Deviled Eggs. . . They have habbanero sauce in them. . . :)

Our beautiful and tasty dinner. . .

An attempt at biscuits. . . that would have ruined the above picture.
Kyle enjoying dinner. . .

My new computer!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Who's your daddy? . . . Go Daddy!

And yes, they actually said that at the GoDaddy Christmas party. It was quite a blast, it was at Chase Field, Sinbad performed (some comedian). . .
as well as Joan Jet and the Blackhearts. . .
there was a cool lazer show. . .
fireworks. . .
the godaddy bike. . .
good food, good dessert. . . but lets get to the serious stuff. . . The dress I made for the party. I "finished" my dress at 5:30 the morning of the party, but had to make some minor alterations to it right before we left. . . (the first two photos were taken the day after the party. . . somehow forgot to take pictures of it the night of)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bedtime story

So there I was, driving down the interstate, cars all around me. I was sweaty from the gym, but that didn't bother me... I had a convertible (which doesn't matter at all because the top was up). So I'm cruising down, and almost to the point where I need to get off. I look behind me, there's only barely enough room for me to get over into the next lane. I turn on my blinker, and the driver in the minivan behind me lets up a little, allowing me enough room to get over. I look to make sure no one is there again, and start to move over. I'm almost completely in the lane, and someone who had just come up the on-ramp decides he wants to be in my lane, so he starts getting into it. I lay on my horn, move back over a bit, and slow down a bit. After realizing I'm there, he overcorrects to get back into his lane, almost hits the side wall, then overcorrects to get back and ends up almost slamming into the center divider (3 lanes of traffic). He stops in time, and the traffic all saw what was going on, so everyone had stopped so as not to cause a pileup. No damage was caused, and the traffic started back up after he corrected himself and started going 30 down the left lane of the interstate.

What is it with cars wanting to hit me?
- Kyle

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sometimes I want to change the end of my voicemail to say, "if you need immediate assistance, please hang up and dial 9-1-1". . . I mean, seriously, why do people have to be so dramatic and spastic about something as trivial as sweater?