Sunday, June 21, 2009

My etsy shop. . .

I've got a store front for Maevery & Maeve Barton now. . . there isn't anything up on the site yet. . . but keep checking back! I hope to have a very limited number of items up soon.

Click on the link above to visit my etsy shop.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Project 14 of many. . .

Earlier today I got a package in the mail. Inside were some old drawings of mine and a lovely little "present" from Sarah.

It reads. . .
Sarah is pretty sure you can make her a skirt out of these jean legs!

I also considered titling this post, "What Sarah wants, Sarah gets."
I thought it turned out pretty cute, though I'm not sure I like the crochet at the hem any more. . . (Sarah, have mom cut if off if you don't like it)

Demolition Derbries

Last Saturday I did a bunch of demolition (I like to call it demo, but this makes Kyle upset for some reason) at my friend Melody's flip house. First of all, let me say that it was so much fun! I spent 6 hours pulling up carpet, baseboards, knocking down cabinets, tearing up linoleum and old tile floors, it was great! The only bad part was when I thought I had lost my wedding ring somewhere in the mess. . . and considering that we filled up an entire 40 yard dumpster I wasn't too hopeful that I would ever see it again (probably felt about like my grandmumz did when she realized her ring had been flushed down the toilet. . . although, wait, THEY FOUND THAT on the first attempt at going through the septic tank with a stick. . ..). Luckily it was in my other pocket. . . the one without a zipper. . . I can't believe that it didn't fall out. . . ANYWAY!
So I was in the kitchen and asked Mel what she was going to do with the old appliances. . .
"Do you want them?"
"...Ohmy goodness, are you serious!?!"

One moving truck and broken glass door later we have the results. . .
The best part was that my old stove quite literally started falling apart when I took it out. The top burners were already a disaster and as I moved it out the top came off as well as the handle! This new stove is such a blessing! The dishwasher is great too! It sits really low to the ground so you can get a lot more stuff inside, especially pots and pans. It is also one of those really quite dishwashers! Thanks, Melody!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Project 13 of many. . .

I can't put pictures up of Project 13 just yet. Project 13 is a lovely little batch of bridesmaid dresses and one flower girl dress that I am making for my bestest, Kaite Rassi (soon to be Gregory!!). It may grow to include a few other little odds and ends, but as of right now my little list of things to do is keeping me quite occupied. I will have pictures after September 26th.

Sorry this is an uneventful post. . . I felt like I had to write something or else you all would think I was lost without a plan.

I will leave you with a picture of my puppy. . .
If that's not an incriminating photo, I'm not sure what is.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kyle's surprise party

Kyle's party went off almost without a glitch - oh, except that Kyle got home about 45 minutes earlier than I would have liked. I had everything sitting out in the kitchen. Luckily he did not come into the kitchen or notice the table I had set up. So while he checked his email I hid everything in cabinets, closets, drawers and on top of the refridgerator. Unfortunately I could not find my camera . . . I haven't been able to find it for 3 days(which is a little concerning), so I don't have any pictures. Luckily Kyle has a video camera so I was able to get some footage of the beautiful arrangment of fruit that I made.

Unfortunately I ran out of time and didn't get to make this as full as I wanted too. . . These things go for like a hundred dollars at Edible Arrangments. . . mine maybe cost $15.

First I filled the bottom of the base with sliced limes and then put marbles (i only had red) in the bottom to hold them down. Then I flushed all the pulp that was floating around in the water out and stuck the top of the pineapple down into the vase. The pineapple acted like oasis and allowed me to stick scewers of fruit down into it. I used cookie cutters to make the pineapple flowers.
I made way too much food.
Here is what what the invitation looked like that I sent out. . . I thought it was kinda clever.

It's a magic card. . .

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Project 13 of many. . .

I found this great little table on craigslist. . . I guess no one else liked it because it was a really old post and had been up for over a month. I was pleased that it was still available. I think it is going to be perfect for sewing on, the best part about it is that it gives me so much more room in my studio.

Before. . .

After. . .

I left the legs the original color and just painted the rest white.