Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Car!!!

Alright, so this is Kyle. And here I am to present you with what will soon be our new car. After looking at it, we're getting it for well under bluebook value, so it's a pretty good deal. We'll post more pictures once we get the car (hopefully tomorrow). For those that don't know, our Taurus has been acting up. It has 206k miles on it, so it's ready to go. This is what it gets replaced with.


Duane said...

Sweet, Some spinners would really top it off.

Derick & Lisa said...

yeah and some really dark tinting.... ha ha jokes... please dont do it... caitlyn i miss your facebook.. but thats okay cause you always get weird like this... i think its kinda cute, and i think your new car is awesome, and i cant wait for colorado!

angi said...

ok, you can't use the excuse of "we have no money" anymore as a reason to not come visit me in Africa. Not if you're buying cars like like that. It's a nice car.