Thursday, July 22, 2010

Project 20 of many. . .

I reupholstered the chairs in the kitchen today. I have been needing to do this for about 2 years. I have been putting this project off because I honestly believed that I was going to build the infamous "breakfast nook." (and it will happen. . . ) Anyway as they say in Ever After, "We cannot have a royal bottom sitting on a dirty chaise, now, can we?" They were beyond embarrassing.

Technically I started working on these yesterday. I started sanding one chair and then had a panic attack because the idea popped into my head that they might be painted with lead based paint. Fearing this I ran to get a lead test at Home Depot (I really don't like that place, but Lowes no longer carries them), unfortunately the test had somehow dried up (again, don't like that place), so the project got put on halt. Today I got another lead test and it came back negative and so with a sigh of relief I carried on.

This is actually the third life for these chairs. My parents inherited them from my aunt and uncle - at that point they were a lovely gray vinyl color. When I went to college Lisa and I decided to recover them for our duplex. I really have no clue how they got so dirty, it's like they were covered in mud and then left out in the rain (well, that, and also used as ladders to paint with. . . ). I think I will spray these with scotch guard to preserve them a bit better. Total cost to redo each chair was about $7 - a whole lot cheaper than buying new chairs :)

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JW said...

WOW! Those chairs look amazing. Great find on the fabric.