Wednesday, June 23, 2010


* To anyone who doesn't know me, please know that the following is a rant and that I am just as guilty of this as anyone else *

Why do so many Christians have it in their heads that going to church is suppose to make them feel good about themselves.

I do not religiously follow the blog "stuff Christians like" but do read it from time to time. In the latest post, mothers day and fathers day sermons are compared. The idea behind the post being that mothers are glorified on mothers day, and that on fathers days, Dads's are told to do better at being fathers.

First of all, I'm sorry if you go to a church where the specific holiday that Sunday falls on determines what type of sermon is going to be preached. Second of all, I'm sorry if you think that mothers day or fathers day somehow trumps God's day (which isn't just every Sunday - it's actually everyday) and that you think your goodness should be praised, instead of the righteousness of God. We really need to get over ourselves and stop taking offense when we are told that we fall short of the glory of God. I mean, it's a total "duh." Duh, you don't compare to God. Get over it. He's God and He created you. God calls us to follow after Him and to be like his Son, Christ.

You know what would be a lot more uncomfortable than having to sit through a sermon where you are given some advice on how to be more Christ like? Sitting through the rest of eternity and being totally and completely separated from God and being completely aware that you worshiped yourself, rather than Him. Or coming before God on the day of judgement and being the pastor who candy-coated Sunday morning . . . turning it into "Stuff Christians Like" rather than stuff Christians need to accept/hear/learn/repent of/ etc. etc.

Do I think it's fair that some churches tell Dad's they are doing a bad job on Fathers Day and Mothers that they are doing well on Mother's Day? Most certainly not - in fact, I think it's wrong to not let mom know that she is just as short of God's glory as dad is. We are all destined for destruction without the grace of God. God's grace is what saves us, not ourselves, not anything we can do. . .

What more could you want than that? And why can't that be the ending of every sermon?


Anonymous said...

really that is all we need. especially the part about getting over ourselves.

The Williams' said...

You have it right on, Girl.