Friday, October 16, 2009

Project 17 of many. . .

When I was in Chicago I went to Fishman's . . . I found a remnant of some very lovely fabric and got a great deal on it. I decided instantly that it needed to become a coat. I knew I wanted it to be very basic. After I drafted the pattern I came to the realization that I did not have enough fabric. As a result the coat is much shorter than I had originally intended and has a couple of interesting seems. It is almost done, I am waiting on the lining fabric to show up on Monday. Until them I am thinking about the poulaine (poo-lan'), because this coat reminds me of the middle ages, and trying to decide on either the brown or the yellow buttons. What do you think? I am also accepting judgement for the fact that the center back seem does not match. . . note however, that I was lucky to even have enough fabric to cut it out.

I also went ahead and put together a little story board to inspire me on how to style this coat for the hoped for (fingers crossed) photo shoot I'm having sometime in the up and coming weeks.
. . . yeah, it's mostly shoes.


McMurry Family said...

The brown band at the bottom of the coat is the hem, not something you will see when the lining is in

Anonymous said...

the cb seam is historically the one that would not have been matched if there was not enough fabric. m