Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Well....I was just outside gardening... it is dark out. I heard what sounded like three gunshots. Kyle must have been nearby because I asked him if he had heard and if he thought it was gunfire. He said he didn't think so. Well. . . there are now helicopters with search lights circling around our house. Their lights are coming in our windows periodically. We probably weren't being too smart when we decided to take a drive around the neighborhood to find out what was going on. We saw two cops running in the streets, a ton of police cars and trucks and what looked like a body on the ground with several people stooped around it. Though, i don't think the person was too hurt, becauase we were able to drive past, there was only one officer and their weren't cop cars around that spot. . . I'll keep you updated.

In other news, the garden in the back yard looks great. And I'll be posting pictures of the wedding dress soon.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's been a long while and I am glad to say that Lisa's wedding dress if finally done. Yay!!!!! I can't wait to show pictures. . . which will be up around May 23rd.

It's hard to believe that Kyle and I have been married for almost a year now. . . it's very exciting, we are going to plant a tree to commemorate!!! Here is one of our projects from awhile back. . .

During this project I realized that the people who built our house did not paint the ceiling. . . so to fix the touchups on the ceiling I just mixed up some drywall mud and painted it over the paint. . . it worked perfectly.

Right now I am working on another project that started one night after dinner when Lisa was here and we ventured out into the back yard with spoons. . . here is a pictures. . .

This project reminded me of the good old days at the farm when Lindsay, Rex and I would head out to the pond and try to dig a tunnel from one wash out to the next. Grandma wouldn't let us use her shovel because she thought we might lose it (or maybe we had already lost it up there . . . . lots of mud fights occured during this process if I remember right), so we snuck spoons out of the drawer to dig with. . . Grandma - I am not sure if you ever got them all back. Sorry about that. Anyway. It seemed like we dug and dug and dug with those spoons and we only ever got about 3 inches in. . . we had about 50 feet to go to finish this tunnel. After we dug the tunnel we were going to try to cover it with cement and put little candle posts in it. . .