Monday, October 3, 2011


Some people are rolling their eyes, others already shaking their heads in approval.

I know I have friends on both sides of the abortion table. It is safe to say that many of them have arrived at their conclusions by using their brains and putting a lot of thought into it.

For a little while, I thought it was okay if someone other than me wanted to have an abortion, I thought, "Hey, it's their choice. People who commit other heinous crimes also have a choice too do or not to do - and some people get away with it - sometimes the government even lets them get away with it." I'm sure there are plenty of war crimes in our past that are not attractive, and that were "sanctioned" by the government, but, in general, the government does not sanction murder - except when it comes to babies. Edit: I am not comparing a woman who has had an abortion to a war criminal. I am saying that, within reason, the government has the power to keep these things from happening, but they turn a blind eye.

That's pretty sad. Voluntary euthanasia is only legal in 3 U.S. states. Someone is saying, "please, kill me, I want to die," and we aren't even allowed to give them their wish. Yet, it's not a big deal to kill someone who is completely at your mercy, someone who cannot defend themselves yet.

"Caitlyn, you are crazy! Abortions don't kill babies - those aren't babies that are in women's wombs. Those are fetus's or an embryo or a blastocyst or a zygote!"

It has always felt like life to me. And when that life is inside of you it's like your soul has added on a great big huge addition. It's wonderful! (I know not all women feel like this) When that soul is extinguished, it's not just the addition that gets knocked down. . . instead, the entire structure is condemned and torn down.

I watched this film today, and it is really what changed my mind about how to vote when it comes to abortion. Do I think change will ever come to America? Probably not (unless the Mormon's take over, which they are forecasted to do in about 2080 because of sheer population), but, it's possible. If people understood what life really is, than I believe that change would have to happen. Because once you really truly grasp what life is, the thought of extinguishing it for any reason, no matter how extenuating, becomes unbearable.

And just to clear anything up that might be out there. No, I would not kill Hitlers mother to get to Hitler. No, I do not hate people who have gotten an abortion. I understand that the thought of bringing another person into the world can seem unbearable, and that you can feel so overwhelmed and unprepared. I do not think that you are ever outside of the grace of God. Don't murder is just one of the commandments, there are 9 others that get broken just as often. All of which need to be addressed.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow I suddenly just lost a lot of respect for you. How can you possibly compare the termination of a fetus to war crimes? It's pretty sad you would be willing to impose your religous views on the rest of the populous. Although I guess when one believes in a "soul" seperate from the body, along with numerous other stories from the Bible, this argument can seem rational. I am only dissapointed when you die you won't even realize there is no heaven or any other magical afterlife for that matter because your brain will have simply ceased percieving reality. I hope I never run into you again.

bright lights, big cities said...

I have lost respect of anyone standing behind beliefs anonymously... I plan on watching this video when get home, but will probably continue to be pro-choice. Good for you and continue to stand behind your beliefs wether they are popular or not...

Maeve said...

I was not comparing the termination of a fetus to war crimes, you've got to be pretty sick to cut someone's fingers off, or disembowel them or even shoot them. Most women never even have an ultrasound before they terminate the pregnancy, and even then they aren't the ones who have to wield the tools, or discard of the remains. They also have really nice people surrounding them and easing their fears. Women who get abortions are not war criminals, not even close. They are the girl next door, someone's mom, the woman who leaves flowers at an unmarked grave, a close friend.

I imagine it takes a lot of guts to look someone in the eye and then torture them and listen to them scream as they die. I said myself that I couldn't even kill baby Hitler. What I was talking about, and what I may have been unclear about, was the government sanctioning these crimes and saying that it is alright.

What if? What if there is no God? At least I won't lie on my death bed knowing that I did a poor job of listening to my moral conscious.

April @ A kitchen table for two said...

Anonymous, grow a pair and give your name. If you're going to be a witch, at least have the self respect to stand behind what you say. Otherwise people will never have any respect for you. Just like me.

Caitlyn, you are inspiring as usual. Way to put yourself out there in such a real way =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for speaking out on this , Caitlyn! You have a lot more nerve and substance than the other Anonymous ( to whom I claim no connection whatsoever).

And as for those who didn't even know who Hitler was -- how is our educational system ( and I feel I must use that term loosely) failing us?! Whatever happened to world history? These people looked like they should still be in high school or in college. Pathetic. And scary.

Auntie Des

Kyle said...

@Anonymous. People like you are the reason we can't have honest political discourse in this country. You come in here, hear something you don't like, and instead of thinking about the issue and responding like a rational adult, you start calling names and crying like a baby.

A fetus is a life, according to the biological definition (, and it is human, because it has human DNA. Therefore, it is a human life. To say it's not is to assign some arbitrary criteria to it. "It's not moving, it can't be human!" You keep using bad philosophy to rationalize your bad decisions.