Tuesday, May 31, 2011


My mom came for a short visit last week. While she was here we went to a Stephens Alumni event and also got to hear Hamish Bowles talk about his latest exhibit and book "Balenciaga in Spain." The talk was very good and he had some very interesting images to look at showing Balenciaga's early inspiration. There were also some images that required quite the stretch of the imagination, but, were no less interesting.

My mom with Hamish Bowles at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Me with a very hamish boy a few days later at the museum.


bright lights, big cities said...

oh how fun!

Anonymous said...

We seriously considered Hamish as a name instead of Kevin, but couldn't come to terms with the fact that everyone would be constantly mispronouncing and misspelling his name for his entire life, since he is American rather than British. Sigh.

I was with your mom when she bought those shoes. The friendly Italian salesman seemed to really like her : ).

You and Jonathan look great! Hang in there!

Love, Auntie Des