Tuesday, May 10, 2011

4 years

Kyle and I have been married for just about 4 years. In those four years we have lived in the same house and Kyle has always acted surprised when he sees whole grain bread, instead of white bread.

Change is coming.

We are moving this week. I am so excited about moving that I can hardly stand it. I lie awake at night and think about how great it is going to be to move from our current place and into another. I have probably lost 10 hours of sleep over the last two weeks just thinking about moving. I try to think about other things - but nothing helps.

I know it sounds cheesy, but, one thing I have learned over the last four years is that marriage is all about compromise. Kyle and I. Hate. Compromise. We are both very strong willed and believe that we are always right - needless to say this has lead to one or more arguments. I made a run to Lowes two nights ago to get some boxes for moving, and then stopped at Fresh and Easy to pick up some OJ. That's when I saw this. . .

Whole grain white bread. And no high fructose corn syrup. Now, in truth it is only made with some white whole wheat flour - but that is the first ingredient, so I'll settle.  I feel like this is the first compromise that I've made in my life that is actually the best of both worlds. I know it's a little thing, but it made me smile.

Moving on (no pun intended of course). I have slowly been packing up the kitchen this last week, and am just about done. I have been trying to use up all of the perishable foods so that I don't have to throw anything away. This has left us with strange things in the fridge. . . mostly condiments, frozen meatballs and frozen chicken.

I used to think that I did not like chicken. I do like chicken, but, I like it to be dressed up. Today I made the most delicious chicken salad sandwich in the world. It was so good that I got shivers as I ate it. My toes felt tingly. Really, it was like being kissed. The best part about this sandwich was that I was able to use up the rest of the chicken, mustard, olives and onion in the fridge. No, I take that back. The best part was that I had packed up ALL of my spices, but accidentally left the paprika out. The other great thing is that I now have something to eat for lunch the rest of this week. . . which is good, because I packed up the peanut butter yesterday.

Here's how I made it:

Broil some chicken in butter - sprinkle with salt. Allow to cool for a bit and then shred into little bits.
Cut up some celery
Cut up some green olives
Cut up some onion

Put all of this in a big bowl along with some mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, salt & paprika. Stir it up. No need to measure anything, just add what looks and tastes right.

Place between two delicious slices of whole grain white bread and eat.

Feel Kissed that your life is so blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Caitlyn~ This sounds so good, and it also sounds like it would be good to add some lemon pepper ( like Penzey's, not the generic cheap grocery store brand which is only yellow because of the dye added to it). You really need to try the Lindsay canned green olives if you haven't already -- the only ingredients are olives and sea salt.

Love, Auntie Des