Monday, September 27, 2010

Project 22 of many. . .

I was contacted mid-August by a girl in Texas who wanted me to recreate a certain bag she had seen. Said bag was by an Italian designer who somewhat recently had a documentary made about his final couture collection. Said bag was $2700. Here is my interpretation of the inspiration she presented me with. There are several changes. The bag is made of %100 silk satin, tulle and dupioni and has pearlized leather trim, it is then "crystallized" with over 600 hand-sewn swarovski crystals.

I was very excited about this project. I thought it would be a great little thing to throw together before the baby got here. Unfortunately all the suppliers that I sourced decided to either not have the products I ordered in stock, or change the price of their products after I ordered them, or not send my order out. Long story short, my supplies all showed up after Jonathan's due date. Which was fine because I was convinced he was going to be late. And he was late, but not as late as I would have liked. Before he was born I was able to get most of my fabric dyed and some of the flowers cut out.

So, in the three weeks following the birth of Jonathan I worked on this bag. Luckily Jonathan is a very good baby and cooperated with me very well on the project.


bright lights, big cities said...

it's perfect caitlyn! happy to see the future artist in jonathan!

JW said...

The pictures don't do it justice.