Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Colic Calm

Jonathan has always been a gassy baby. In my tummy he got the hiccups 3x a day, he still gets the hiccups and now his little tummy turns as hard as a rock with gas and he cries. . . well, like a baby. I've found two things that help with this problem. The first is breast feeding. However, 5 straight hours of breastfeeding, followed by a 1 hour nap and then more breastfeeding really makes it hard to get things done. I also think the only reason breastfeeding works is because it makes Jonathan feel comforted. The other thing that works is Colic Calm.

When I first started reading about Colic Calm I wondered if it would really work. I went to the store today and got some because my house is starting to smell and I can't figure out cleaning and feeding at the same time. Jonathan fell asleep in the car and I thought that maybe I wouldn't have to use it and that he would finally go down for a nap. 2 Minutes later he woke up and started crying so I gave him some of the Colic Calm. His reaction was instant. His forehead relaxed and he looked like he was at peace, 45 seconds later he was asleep and (as I would not be able to write this if he were awake) is still asleep. As one woman wrote, “Colic Calm gets my vote for the Nobel Peace Prize.”


Ashley Hasty said...

Good to know!! Glad to hear you're finding some peace.

bright lights, big cities said...

i thought, great, baby post, haha... but the last quote made the read completely worth it.