Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Well, it comes to this. It is simply too hard to get my bag for school out of the back of my car, I can't imagine trying to get a baby out of there. I really am going to have to break down and get a different car. I really don't want to, I like my little coupe.
I'm kinda up in the air about what kind of car to get. I care a lot about gas mileage, but I'd also like to be able to pull things around if I need to. I've been thinking station wagon for the last 3 months, but yesterday I saw a pickup truck and it dawned on me just how many trees I've had to hang out my window in order to get home from Lowes. . . maybe I should get a pickup.
Unfortunately, I know that the car that would be best for me is the Subaru Baja. . . that ugly el camino looking thing.
What do you think? ? ? ?

Growing up . . .
What kind of car?
truck (with cab)
station wagon
el camino/weird subaru thing

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