Friday, March 26, 2010

Maternity Jeans

The maternity jeans that I wanted were $189, so I made me own. I went to My Sisters Closet and found some nice 7's, which were going to be $40, but when I got to the counter I had a credit on my account (from some clothes I'd taken in to sell on consignment forever ago), so they technically only cost $4. Now, that's a price I can handle. . . especially for something so attractive.


amyp said...

Your cute factor is SERIOUSLY overwhelming. Can I convince you to come out to Chicago so I can use you as a maternity model? And just have the incredible opportunity to hang out with you???? You are so precious. And this baby is so lucky to have you as mom.

Sel said...

I'm lucky to have easier access to your creative spirit. I couldn't afford to fly you out anywhere I was haha! I got a lot to learn about using my hands to create things and you have A LOT to teach, woman!

bright lights, big cities said...

wow thats awesome! & you look sooo excited by the results... haha

No really, first fixing your own car, now making your own maternity jeans; can you be my mom?!

Ashley and Eric said...

I love it! You're going to be a great mom!!

carina said...


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