Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Junk Yard

I've lived next to a junk yard for about 15 years straight. The first one was an official junk yard. The second one is less official, but much more of a nuisance. I could not see the first junk yard, just knew that it was there. However, the second one. . . that is a whole other story.

People really seem to like dumping their trash by the side of the road in my neighborhood. It seems like every week a new couch arrives. Two weeks ago a rather nice looking chair showed up. I was going to snag it and reupholster it, but, it rained before I could get to it. . . once something has been rained on I deem it too gross too work on.

Up until two days ago, the most shocking thing I'd seen was a dead horse. Which, don't get me wrong, that was definitely shocking. . . but it was rather small, and though I don't understand why someone would think it was alright to drop off a dead horse along the side of the road, I can almost see what they might have been thinking. It is really hard to dig a hole in the ground out here, which would make burying the horse hard. Also, we are 4" short on rain this year, which is a lot when you only get 6" of rain annually. My point being, you wouldn't want to burn the poor thing because you might burn the whole city down.

The newest item added on the side of the road is an entire boat. Yes, a boat. I bet you didn't even think that people in Phoenix owned boats. However, Phoenix, has more boats per capita than any other state (don't believe me? This article says something about it. . . http://phoenix.about.com/library/blboats.htm), this, along with the idea that everything ends in excess should have prepared me for finding a boat abandoned on the side of the road, but, as with the horse, I still found it shocking.

I wonder what will come next?

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