Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Thirty to forty years ago you were a lot younger. . .

maybe not even born. Sometimes you probably wish you could go back. . . "

That is about all that I remember of my speech on Y2K that landed me a spot at the state 4-H speech contest back in 1999.

When I later told Kyle about how I had done a speech on preparing for Y2K, he laughed and me - when I told him about all the cans of food that my family had stockpiled in the basement, he laughed even more. I guess that Kyle never thought that Y2K would turn out to be a big deal. . . and he might have been right until last night. . . I had just taken a shower and was putting on some deodorant when I noticed that the bottom of the bottle said that my deodorant had expired in August of 1953! Now, if I hadn't known or cared to remember about Y2K I might have thought that my deodorant was extremely expired (okay, I probably wouldn't have thought that), but thanks to my knowledge of the computer glitch I knew that some people over at Unilever just decided not to fix one of their computers.


Ashley and Eric said...

Ha! That is too funny! I wouldn't have thought of Y2K!

Derick and Lisa said...

i did not even know deoderent expired... hmmm... speaking of expiration dates the milk here is "ultra pasturised" and has expiration dates months from now... gross