Sunday, July 19, 2009

My old office

This is my old office. This is what you saw when you walked into the Macy's By Appointment personal shopping office. This was not actually my desk. But I would sit here on occasion if I had a new client and wanted to familiarize them with the service.
Every quarter a different vendor would pay us to merchandise these two forms. We would change out the clothes about every three weeks. . . except with Calvin Klein. . . which is what you see below. Our store didn't really carry Calvin Klein so it was tough to find new merchandise. We did carry a few dresses so we had to make do with them for 3 months. I would change out the shoes and handbags though. BTW - Calvin Klein shoes, especially anything that has a platform, are the most comfortable shoes out there. I could wear 5" heels for 12 hours if I needed to and my feet would still feel fine! I have 4 pairs of the same pair of shoe. . . which I have no occasion to wear anymore.

This is the hallway going from the main office back to my office. There are two large fitting rooms along the way.
This is what you would see once you walked down the hallway. . . this was my office and the area where we did gift wrap, held customer goods and ran up sales. It's not quite as glamorous. You also didn't get walk in sales when you were stuck in the back. This room seems like it was always a mess despite all my efforts to keep it clean. It's funny, at work I was the opposite of how I am at home. . . I cleaned all the time.


Ashley and Eric said...

Do you not work there anymore?

Caitlyn and Kyle said...

Nope! With the economy worsening, I found the company too desperate to make a sale - I couldn't work somewhere so unethical any longer.