Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kyle's surprise party

Kyle's party went off almost without a glitch - oh, except that Kyle got home about 45 minutes earlier than I would have liked. I had everything sitting out in the kitchen. Luckily he did not come into the kitchen or notice the table I had set up. So while he checked his email I hid everything in cabinets, closets, drawers and on top of the refridgerator. Unfortunately I could not find my camera . . . I haven't been able to find it for 3 days(which is a little concerning), so I don't have any pictures. Luckily Kyle has a video camera so I was able to get some footage of the beautiful arrangment of fruit that I made.

Unfortunately I ran out of time and didn't get to make this as full as I wanted too. . . These things go for like a hundred dollars at Edible Arrangments. . . mine maybe cost $15.

First I filled the bottom of the base with sliced limes and then put marbles (i only had red) in the bottom to hold them down. Then I flushed all the pulp that was floating around in the water out and stuck the top of the pineapple down into the vase. The pineapple acted like oasis and allowed me to stick scewers of fruit down into it. I used cookie cutters to make the pineapple flowers.
I made way too much food.
Here is what what the invitation looked like that I sent out. . . I thought it was kinda clever.

It's a magic card. . .


Ashley and Eric said...

I love the card, and the edible arrangement is fantastic! I'm really impressed. Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you don't mind if I follow yours!

Derick and Lisa said...

Caitlyn your party looks spectacular that must be the maeve & marie coming out... I love the arrangement (i always wondered how much those things cost... and at least you can always get a job making those ;) ) anyways but the part I really love is the invite... completely nerdtastic but completely clever... props