Thursday, February 2, 2012


Apparently I am a scary teacher. Some might think this odd, especially as I have the reputation around campus as being the peaceful, quiet, reserved, patient, young girl. But. I am the peaceful, quiet, reserved, patient, young girl who expects nothing less than your absolute best (or better).

I spoke with a student today (last day of semester, emotions are always high), he was literally trembling as he spoke with me about his performance in my class. Me, 5' 6", in my pencil skirt, cardigan, conservative heels, nude hose and pregnant.  He, 6 foot something, pierced, tattooed, psychedelic everything, carefree. . . visibly terrified that my standards were not met and vocally expressing this too.

What's my point? You don't have to be Beyonce, to be Fierce. I think that if you respect people, treat them well, care for them and don't act like you are better than them, that if they have any decency in them at all, they'll put aside their rough exterior and become the genuine human being that they were meant to be.

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bright lights, big cities said...

haha, I'm sure I'd be scared of you too if you were my teacher!

I think sometimes as younger teachers, students think they can 'get by' with things. But showing them that you don't take crap in the first week really sets the mood! hhaha... I hope you're doing well!