Tuesday, January 10, 2012


If you live in a warm place in Arizona and you are buying citrus at the store right now, then you are a fool!!! All the orange and grapefruit trees are ripe for the pickin' right now! Last week Jonathan and I headed out to the little orange grove planted at the entrance to our neighborhood and picked ourselves an entire grocery bag full of oranges.

I didn't quite know what to do with 40+ oranges and was afraid that they might not even be any good. I gave some away to friends and with the rest I made orange juice. I was going to make marmalade, but, I don't want to spend money on canning equipment right now. I think that is actually a law somewhere, that you aren't allowed to buy things (unless it's with a gift card) during the month of January.

The oranges are a little meaty, but, they made great orange juice. The grapefruit that we got on our walk two days ago were perfect. I have never had a juicier grapefruit.


mpm said...

this sounds especially good right now as we are expecting a severe cold front with snow. it all reminds me of being in palm springs a few years ago at the sewing conference.

JW said...

That look that Jonathan is sporting - shirt with no pants - haven't I seen that in a Tom Cruise movie? Haha!