Sunday, November 20, 2011


Last Christmas our family was gifted this outfits from Aunt Angi and Uncle Remy. Jonathan's is still a little big, but, today just seemed like the day to finally take "the photo." So we headed outside with the tripod and camera and had a little photo shoot. A woman and her children walked by, we said, "Hi," she almost walked past us without acknowledging us, and then said (to Kyle and Jonathan), "oh, you are wearing matching outfits" and then "Wow, you are all matching."

Jonathan thought it appropriate to make a toy out of a plastic bottle he found lying in the grass.


mpm said...

i am thinking that by the time jonathan grows into the shirt, the rest of you will have worn yours out.the picture of jonathan and kyle is well done.

jack and suz said...

hahahahaha. bahahahaha. you three are my favorite family EVER.