Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Big One

Making party invitations. Until last night, when I started to make Jonathan's invitations for his 1st birthday, I had completely forgotten how much I use to LOVE making invitations. I think it might have been the best part of the party for me. I thought I was so tricky with the printer, I'd print one half of the invitation out, turn the paper upside down and then print out the other half. . . a couple of "tricky" paper folds and viola! I had one snazy looking party invitation! Once or twice I might have even had colored ink in the printer.

I did not do any folding on these invitations (well, except for the envelopes). I used an X-acto knife and found a great love in my heart for this dude. . . I have no idea how he does that. In a world of crickets, I prefer my sloppy circles I think. . .  Such a nice "homeaid" look. . . 

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