Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kyle and I have started to attend a birthing class (!!!). The lady who is leading the class gave me a book to read called, "So that's what they're for!"

There are some interesting tips and I've learned a few things about breast feeding that I didn't know before, but goodness gracious, I do not need 60 pages worth of literature to convince me that bottles are bad and that breastfeeding is good. Also, I'm pretty sure that I would be excommunicated from the McMurry family if I did not choose to breastfeed. In fact, I'm pretty sure that on the "no no list" that bottle-feeding falls after divorce (severing your spirit from your spouse, or severing your baby from your body = same thing).

I can still remember growing up on the farm and my grandma saying that she would feed a baby the formula that we fed to the lambs before she would feed that baby baby formula.

Also, not sorry if this post made someone out there, who thinks boobs were made for magazine covers, feel uncomfortable.


mpm said...

well you need that peasant skirt and vest to wear with the hair. i think the your hair is cute and does look young, but not 3rd grade.

your stomach is starting to get to that point that all pregnant models wear. oops, things do get more round and not so "baby bump". i think i had a baby blimp.


angi said...

So, is it wrong to ever give the child a bottle? or just for the first year or so when people generally breast feed? You're not still going to be breast feeding when the child is four, are you? You are, afterall, a Williams now.