Saturday, January 30, 2010

Milly Clutch

This bag started out as my muslin for the Suzannah Clutch. I liked the direction it was taking, so decided to finish it. If I went out more often I'd probably keep it, it's perfect for putting a phone, camera and a wallet into . . . but a little too glitzy for my everyday life.


bright lights, big cities said...

bag looks wonderful... all of these bags remind me of this clutch I saw at

keep it up!

suzanne williams said...

That purse is perfect for my everyday life! I can put my rotary cutter, ink pots AND my mid-morning-wish-I-wasn't-at-school snack in it! I think white satin would be just a bit better, don't you? Can you whip that right up for me?

you're a doll!

Ashley and Eric said...