Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well - turns out I wrote the wrong address on my contest submission, so it came back to me and I sent it out again. It didn't really matter because the company did not get enough submissions to pay out the prizes, they had to get 30 and only got ten. . . I'm pretty sure that four of them were mine. . . Anyway, I do have a phone interview with the lady next week and might get some work out of that, so that would be cool.

I also have an group interview on September 18th at Collins College for the possibility of some teaching positions next semester, which would be awesome!

I am finally done with bridesmaid dresses, the flower girl dress, pocket squares and everything else for Kaite's wedding, so expect to see more things up on Etsy. . . though it will probably be a bit because my sewing machine decided to give out and is getting fixed. The other sewing machine that I have is also needing to be fixed.

Perhaps I will work on my website this week. . .

Here are some pictures of my contest submissions. . .

Note these designs are all property of Sopheme LLC.

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monica said...

I am glad it was found. I think they need to honor some sort of prizes and keep up a good face. I love the new pink petal skirt - of course Sarah said, "Is that for ME?"