Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Project 11 of many. . .

A one day project turned into a 3 day project. . . blast those stupid drywall screws with expanding support or whatnot in them. . . Let's just say that after I destroyed all the structural integrity of the drywall (and there's not much to begin with) surrounding where I thought I was going to hang my curtains up, I had to get a little creative.

This rested on a 2x4 that then went over the molding on the door. . . so I didn't have to worry about screwing it into the wall. Because the wall wasn't strong enough to hold up my curtains I had to use a zip tie to secure the curtain holder thingie to an L bracket that was secured to the wood paneling. . . ghetto, but it works (The inside of my suits look much better). I think it is strong enough to withstand Alexis.

I wish I could say that the design was done completely on my own, however, it was inspired by some much more fabulous curtains that I saw at someones "house." Although this fabric must be made by the same manufacturer who made the fabric for one of the coats in my collection. I actually thought about making a coat out of the fabric below, long before I thought it could be curtains.

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Anonymous said...

caits, did you notice how much the fabric looks like the background on your blog site. yes, this would have been a great coat.