Friday, November 14, 2008

At last, at last!

It's the news you've all been waiting for. . . My pattern making table has arrived!!!! I think it is about the most fabulous table ever! It's what I dreamed about all those nights I worked in the senior labs. . . Actually that version had a bed where the bottom drawers are. . . Those days are long since past, and while they will always hold a special place in my heart I'd rather not ever relive my senior year at Stephens College (I still cannot drink coffee because the taste of it brings back all my stress and anxiety from school and puts a sick feeling in my stomach.).Our friend Paul built this table for me. It comes apart relatively easily. . . so it's portable (just like a bicycle in a suitcase) It's only been primed at this point - but I look forward to painting it. The handles were a birthday present that I got from my friend Melody.

And I'm really not spoiled. . . but. . . . here is a picture of some flowers that Kyle sent me at work the other day. Usually Kyle can't surprise me. . . but I was completely surprised this time. Good job Kyle!!

Oh and some pictures from our picnic in the backyard the other night. . . since we were so far out in the wilderness and that it was likely the last meal we were ever going to be able to eat I decided that I probably shouldn't let the summer sausage go to waste. . . so there goes my vegetarianism. . . I'm woman enough to admit that it was just a fad. . . though, I couldn't help but think about all the awful antibiotics I was ingesting.That's sparkling apple cider by the way. . .

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jw said...

WOW, cool table, I had no idea! The patio looks fabulous, by the way. Why the picnic? I didn't miss some special day, did I?