Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's summa' time. . .

It's official. I have spring fever. It is so nice outside right now (You are probably wondering why I'm inside then - well it's because I got really sunburned today and I'm waiting for my sunscreen to soak in) - this is the kind of weather that has always found me skipping class or blowing off homework. Today it found me calling another girl to see if she wanted to take my shift at work - which she did. The only problem is that I completely forgot that we had a meeting with a vendor on clientelling today (boreing) and I guess my manager wanted me to be there. Ooops. I think I'll be okay though - seeing as I'm the only person at Macy's who (at least in my department) actually writes clients little notes.

So I spent the day outside and finished the garden. Or at least got it as far as the money I had for it would take me. The final touch it needs is a tree.

Said tree will go in that low spot.


Anonymous said...

You really need a 4-wheeler and wagon to pull some rocks out of a nearby ravine. (You do have rocks there, right?) That adds just the right touch to a garden.

What kind of tree do you have in mind?

Garden looks nice!


JW said...

Where are the cacti? You live in Arizona now, not Missouri. A great big sabarro would look good in the tree space. ;-D