Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Well I wanted my next big project to be Project Runway, but decided that that would be too expensive and too far away from home. Besides I have enough projects started here. . . I just need to learn to finish them.
The weather here is georgeous! It's about 85 out and the breeze is just lovely. All of our trees and shrubs are in bloom and everywhere you go the air smells like orange blossoms. Which is frustrating because the air is so polluted right now that they (whowever "they" are) say it's almost unhealthy to breath. But anyway, speaking of oranges. . . you've never had an orange as good as the ones in Arizona right now!
My friend Lisa is going to be out here in two weeks for the final fitting on her wedding dress, so I'm trying to get that finished up. We are also suppose to go out to San Diego while she is here, so hopfully that will happen - and *hopefully* we'll know if we are moving to San Diego by then too.
I'll keep you all posted on that and until then. . . good morning, good afternooon, good evening and good night!